An appeal to the broader Dale Community


Tradition, Legacy, Brotherhood

Through 161 years, through its corridors and boarding houses, Dale College has transformed young men from the Qonce (KWT) community and further afield.

Proudly Rooted in EC, Strong Foundations

Our vision is to be a leading school in the Eastern Cape by developing confident, self-disciplined learners who think globally but are locally grounded. 

World Class Opportunities To All

This will be achieved by developing holistic excellence as part of an education that transforms the life-opportunities of the diverse community we serve. 

School Age


Current Dalians

2027 Vision Target


 To build the Dale of our dreams, these elements are our key areas of focus:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Sporting Excellence
  • Cultural Excellence
  • Institutional Character
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Facilities, Campus & Boarding
  • Technology
  • Diversity & Belonging


 Our TOP 5 Fundraising Projects

Dale College High Performance Sports Centre

A state-of-the-art facility to provide strength, conditioning, and nutritional coaching to athletes across sporting codes in conjunction with our newly appointed Head of Athletic Development.

Dale College Financial Assistance Fund

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. But in the absence of that tree, plant now for the future. We’re building a legacy fund to support learners who deserve to be Dalians, but are in financial need.

The Astroturf re-development

As Dale College takes over stewardship of the King Astro, we’re re-developing this neglected resource as a Dale College and Community asset. New carpeting and lights will re-invigorate the sport of hockey in King William’s Town.

The Frank Joubert Hostel re-development

We recognize the role that boarding plays in the life and legacy of Dale College. Updating and upgrading the old flagship, Frank Joubert Hostel, will breathe new life into the boarding traditions at Dale.

Additional Staff Fund

In an environment where Dale College needs to serve its community at rates its community can afford, we are financially pressed to offer the standard of education for which we strive. This fund allows us to fund positions of key staff in support of our strategic imperatives, without raising the costs of school fees.


The Dale College 2027 Vision is more than just a dream. It is a roadmap that will fundamentally transform the Dale College of today into a centre of excellence in Qonce – enriched with an incredible legacy, enthused by its vibrant present, and excited by the incredible potential still to be realized.

What we make with the average 700 000 hours that is our lifetime is ours to choose, but a lifetime best served is a lifetime of significance, where we are able to contribute to the greater good, and leave the world better for having us.

We call on Dalians, and friends of Dale to join the Dale College Hundred Club, where each can contribute to the future of this iconic school.

Use the easy sign-up to contribute R200 per month to the Dale College Hundred Club fund. Your contribution is ring-fenced and will support fundraising projects of the Vision 2027.  Club members receive a monthly report on projects, and are automatically entered into a monthly lucky draw.

Join the Dale Hundreds Club and contribute a small amount monthly for 24 months

Henry Van Dyke was writing for us when he wrote:

“He that plants a tree is a servant of God, he provides a kindness for many generations, and faces that he has not seen shall bless him.”